Saturday, April 18, 2009

Page Set Up for 11" x 17" Paper Size

This page setup will require only 2 cuts after printing rather than 3 or 4.

In the MS Word document, go to File and click on Page Setup.

Under the Paper tab, go to Paper size and choose Tabloid from the drop-down menu. It should automatically fill in the size Width as 11" and Height as 17". Be sure it says Apply to Whole document.

Go to the Margins tab and set Margins as follows:
  1. Top 0.3”
  2. Bottom 1.3”
Under Orientation, be sure it is set for Portrait.

Go to section Pages and choose Multiple Pages. Then choose Mirror Margins from the drop-down menu.

Go back up under section Margins and set as follows:
  1. Outside 0.2"
  2. Inside 1.3"
Be sure it says Apply to Whole document.

Then click OK.

NOTE: Mirror Margins is designed for a book layout; even page is left, odd page is right. For exhibit; odd page is left, even page is right. Therefore, Outside and Inside margins are reversed.

If you get a message saying Margins are outside the printable area, click on Ignore.

A setting of Verdana 12 for the main text in the exhibit is a good size reference point.

The two exhibit pages are printed on 11" x 17" white, nonglossy, cardstock. Have the pages cut to the appropriate size, which is 10" x 16", in order to fit side-by-side in the 16" x 20" frame. You will need to stack the pages back-to-back in order to have only 2 cuts.

Thank You!